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Bezel handling

Hi Jim,

I don’t know alot but have made quite a few bezels so I’ll try to
help. My basic run through- Of course there are pre-made bezels
and ones you make. In making my own I start with bezel wire (not
really wire,it’s like flat strips). I fit it around my stone
tightly. I file the joint carefully for a smooth fit. Solder.
Check the fit again on stone. Then attach the bezel to sheet or
ring,whatever the project calls for.(Forgive me if I am telling
you things you already know) I don’t adjust the height of the
bezel until I have polished and am ready to set the stone. I then
carefully sand the bezel top with a fine sanding disc on my flex
shaft/dremel. Follow up with a gentle flat needle file and maybe
even a little 600 sandpaper. I use a hollow scraper for smoothing
and refining the inside of the bezel,goal being perfect fit. I
follow with a bezel pusher from opposite sides all around. Then
finish with an angled burnisher smoothing the top edge and
sometimes smoothing the most inner edge. Carefull not to slip
with this tool. It can cause a nasty scratch.

Hope this helps-
Carrie Nunes @tnunes