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Bezel cups- source?

Hello all,

I am looking for a source for Sterling silver die struck or cast
Bezel Cups in round, triangle, square, etc. in very small to
medium sizes.

I know of Rio , but need more varied sizes, particularily small
and more shapes.

I’d appreciate any help…


I’m looking for tube settings . . . higher than what Rio offers
Any suggestions would be appreciated (higher meaning HEIGHT, not
cost! : ) )

I have purchased lengths of tubing( from Rio) and cut them to
length. To make a seat I put a smaller tube inside the larger and
cut it slightly shorter. I have also vulcanized the results after
attached to a design. Darryl

I suppose that If I purchase the tubing, I should get one
diameter larger than the stone I need? (for the outside) I don’t
cast at all, so vulcanizing wouldn’t be something that I even
know how to start to do.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi Darryl,

Do you have trouble getting a snug fit of one tube within the
other? Do you still have to burr the setting to fit the stone
perfectly, or do you have such a variety of tubing that you can
always find the size(s) you need? Do you sometimes have to draw
tubing to the correct size?

Just wondering,

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC