Bezel creating for a cushion cut cabochon

Does anyone have suggestions for making this easier? I’ve tried using my round mandrel and my square one as well, but neither seems to work very well.
Thank you for any direction!

Use pliers instead. Flat/round likely to be the best. Bend to the exact position needed on the first corner, when it is correct go on to the next. Slow slow slow. Keep testing fit as you work. You want the fit to be perfect to make setting easy and so the final piece won’t look wonky.

BTW, start so solder seam will be at the halfway point on the long side.

Quickly making an approximation and then trying to tap it into shape on a mandrel will never work. Good luck!

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Thank you so much, Vera. Will try this as I was getting sort of frustrated using my mandrels. Appreciate your help!