Bezel beading

sorry for the delay “metalgirl” on those little beads in a bezel. I
use this method at times to hold a diamond in its place without the
"hammering" process. I call these little beads…“wire beads” …as
they are little bits of raised wires. BUT THEY GOTTA BE SMALL but
secure. the must be raised inside the bezel or the diamond recess.
They are located in the space between the table of the stone and the
inside surface of the gold, …okay on this so far? I use an onglette
#1 graver just for this method of securing stones, and making sure
that the point of the graver is just as sharp as it can. Once this
bead is raised, PLEASE USE A LOUPE 10 power to examine each and every
wire bead you make. After a few times you can use your own eye-sight
and not rely on extra glasses. If you slip in making a bead, you can
damage the stone or run out of places to use. It is advisable to raise
these beads in a geometric design, 4 or 6 beads, but evenly
spaced…Is this sufficient for you “metalgirl” and others
who are reading …gerry!