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"Better" Injection wax


My employer has put me on a quest to find “better” injection wax. It
needs to be strong, flexible, not brittle. Easily reworked, fileable
and she also does alot of build up (adding wax to the wax). And I
would like it to unmold easily and be fluid enough to fill lots of
intricate designs. Right now we use a red wax that is a pain for the
mold puller, me. And it is old enough that it came in solid block

I am sure I will get lots of good feedback. Thank you in advance,


Hi there,

We use an injection wax that we get from Otto Frei in SF/Oakland,
CA. Depending on your molds, either the turq.( Kerr Aqua Green Accu
122.322) or Kerr Flexpast Blue 122.327). It’s pretty much in the
detailing & what you are asking tof the wax flow per the mold…You
can go to and under tools look for injection
wax…These are the two that we use consistantly in our shop for
injection molds. They are also great for wax buid up. We use Frei
because they are down the hallway & have always given us good
service and the staff is quite knowledgable…But you might find this
product closer to home, if you don’t want a shipping fee. Take care &
good luck, Jo-Ann & John Donivan…


We use the Kerr accu flakes in turquoise blue as it is easy to read
and works for us.


I just came across this yesterday from Freemanwax. I believe someone
referenced this company on another thread. I copied this bit from the
web page - sounds very intriguing. There’s a video clip on their site
about this too although I wasn’t able to view it. I wonder if anyone
has tried this yet? no affiliation - just intrigued,



  HD Material is highly accurate - reproducing very intricate
  detail with very high definition HD Material flows easily -
  enabling rapid filling of a mold, regardless of its complexity
  HD Material cures with light - giving you time to ensure the
  mold is completely free of entrapped air before solidifying the
  model HD Material is flexible - Cured models have enough
  flexibility to enable easy demolding from rubber molds, yet
  snap back their original shape. 

  HD Material is durable - HD won't deform, even under
  conditions where injection wax would fail. It also won't melt
  when it comes into contact with a hot wax pen. HD Material is
  compatible with wax, allowing you to use wax for either
  touching up a model, or for bonding to a wax sprue Also, since
  the whole process takes mere minutes, HD material is great for
  remastering patterns, especially duplicating CNC patterns that
  would take hours to re-machine each one. And finally, HD
  material burns out cleanly and completely, solving the number
  one challenge of casting stereolithography patterns.

I like the NYC Pink Flakes that I get from Stuller #21-0403 page 143
in the new catalog. It works great on small filigree and unmolds
nicely without breakage. It’s one of the nicer, more cooperative
waxes I’ve used. The descriptions of the various waxes that they sell
should help you decide what would work best for your shop.


Hi Candyce;

Flexible and re-workable don’t happen together in an injection wax.
If you can carve it, it is brittle. If it is flexible, it’s too gummy
to carve. You have two choices, as I see it. You can either keep two
wax injectors going, one with flexible wax and one with carve-able in
it, or you can settle on a wax that has enough of both
characteristics (in other words, it’s somewhere in the middle) to
suit your general needs. I like the line of Super Cera waxes that
Castaldo makes. Call them and have them send you the specs on the
line of waxes they sell.

David L. Huffman

Candy: I always recommend Kerr Flex-Plast Blue Item No 23020 It has
all the properties you are looking for. It is very flexible, has a
great memory, files the best for an injection wax I have ever used in
35 years, is easy to rework and comes right out of silicone and
rubber molds. I have never found anything I like better. Available at
any supplier that carries Kerr products.

Frank Goss

I always recommend Kerr Flex-Plast Blue Item No 23020 It has all
the properties you are looking for. It is very flexible, has a
great memory, files the best for an injection wax I have ever 

I was going to do the same, but I couldn’t remember the name of it.
It’s part plastic, like Carvex. You can literally just jerk it out of
a mold. Great memory, too.

Kerr/Freeman touts a carvable injection wax that may fit the bill,
especially on the “easily reworked” front. Here’s the shpiel:

Kerr ACCU™ Carveable Injection Wax

This dark blue wax has a higher melt temperature than other Kerr
waxes. (174 F/79 C vs. 150-160 F/66-71 C). Post-injection alterations
are easier. Patterns are less likely to warp or retain fingerprints,
great for class rings and trophy buckles. Item number 377-INJCRV
about $6.00 per lb. avd.

Indian Jewelers Supply Co.