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Betsy Lehndorff's bench


I have been a silversmith for eight years and finally got a great space when I bought a foreclosure home in a remote part of Michigan. Outside it’s all woods and a lake. Inside my studio (a converted garage bay) it’s warm and well-lit, especially in winter.

It’s also very messy, but I can leave it all behind by closing the door when I’m done. I sometimes work 10-hour days in here for months. So at some point, I’d like to make it a little more comfortable (but still messy.) I also like having art in my studio.

Yup. That’s a @RioGrande catalog in the etching area. I didn’t stage that. It’s just there and it’s dogeared as heck. The nearest jewelry supply store is a 4.5 hour drive away – something that cannot be done in winter. So I rely on Rio for many of my supplies – especially items in unusual sizes. I must order from them several times a month, when I am working on custom pieces or preparing for gallery shows.

This is my soldering area. I bought a first ever real torch from Rio this summer – the Silversmith torch. Thought there would be a learning curve after using butane for seven years. There wasn’t.


Betsy, you have plenty of space, and soon the Winter snows will melt, nice workshop set up.
Regards, John Lowry, Littleton, CO.