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Beth Rosengard - Bench Exchange

Beth Rosengard

"his is one variation of my booth setup. Depending on the show (local or out-of-town), I vary the case configuration and table arrangement. Because this image may be difficult to “read,” here’s a description: There is a pedestal at the left and two covered card tables next to it; they are in a row at the front of the booth. I sit or stand behind the cases with the photo blow-ups behind me. There is also a small table at the back of the booth (not visible) which holds boxes, bags, tissue and assorted other items. The cases (three of them) are plexiglas with aluminum connectors. Between the two big cases is a black, leatherette-covered piece of cardboard. If you could see behind it, you’d know where I hide pens, receipt book, stapler, etc., etc. Above this is a piece of black plexi with a plant on it: I always have a plant or cut flowers in my booth. In front of the plant is a name plaque I had made and below that, on the table top, are my business cards in a plexi holder.

This booth design evolved slowly. I wanted to be able to fly with my display in suitcases and not have to ship anything. The pipe and black drape are rented. (I do not do outdoor shows so have no need of a canopy.) When a show is out-of-town, I also rent an 8 foot table and two chairs. I don’t bring the pedestal; instead the small case goes where you see the plant, and there would be cut flowers to the side, since the 8 feet give me extra table space.

The table covering is fire-retardant, sturdy black material. The fabric panels, which I think tie the entire display together, were sewn (by me) from a rayon material which I have to steam or iron at every show (not ideal). The image does not do the colors justice; they’re jewel tones ­ teal, purple, blue and gold. The laminated, lightweight-framed pictures (sized to fit in my suitcase) are set off by teal fabric panels which hang from curtain rods. Since the jewelry is displayed on white, it “pops” against the darker background. The “floors” of the big cases are white, fabric-covered pieces of styrofoam. Everything I would need for an out-of-town show (not tables, chairs, pedestal, pipe and drape) breaks down and fits in one large suitcase. Because of airline weight regulations, however, I have to put a few items in a second, smaller suitcase with my clothes. The jewelry and other valuables travel with me in a carry-on bag, of course."