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Beth Millner - Jewelry Gallery

The ability to create miniature images in metal is fascinating. The thinness of a handmade line has always been intriguing for me. Natural elements and the subtle variations of a hand wrought design are a common occurrence in my handcrafted jewelry.

Each design is cut in metal with a hand held jewelers saw. Texture is made with hammers, handmade stamps and various hand tools. Patinas are carefully painted into details to create contrast. Every edge, corner and surface is also carefully finished. Recycled sterling silver, copper and brass are used to create this body of work.

Silhouettes from nature are inherent to my designs. By using figure ground reversal, the viewer perceives something that is only visually available because of it surroundings. Like nature, each part is dependent on the other for mutual existence.

Many parts of life and existence become available to our senses because of the environment they are in. Our surroundings help define who we are.

Beth Millner

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Northern Slope Set Sterling Silver with Patina

Pine Landscape Set Sterling Silver with Patina