Beth Farber - Jewelry Gallery

Elizabeth Farber Designs
Minnetonka, Minnesota. USA

As a maker of art jewelry, I have adapted ancient techniques to hand-weave precious metals and gemstones into finely crafted pieces of wearable art. My work integrates historic techniques, craftsmanship, and motifs, with contemporary perspectives, concepts, and sensibilities.

For some pieces I fabricate bezel settings and clasps or use antique gold and enamel settings. These parts are thoughtfully integrated into the weaving to add points of focus, and balance. Each piece is unique and intensely personal-- often taking over one hundred hours to create.

My art also explores the juxtaposition between hard and soft. While pieces are at once hard—made of stone and metal—their ultimate effect is soft, giving the appearance of being liquid, like a piece of woven fabric that is draped over a wrist, or around a neck

Drawing inspiration from my international experience, the designs are evocative of exotic lands and imbued with the colors and visual flavors of the cultures I have known.

Materials: opals, 14k, 18k gold, appetite Dimensions: 16" x 2.5"

Hand-woven and hand-fabricated neckpiece made of three opals, appetite, 14k gold bezels, 18k gold beads, and

Photo credit: Ralph Gabriner

Wedding Necklace

Materials: 14k gold and black spinel
Dimensions: 16.5" x 4"

Hand-woven necklace made of 14k tube beads and black spinel

Photo credit: Stuart Lorenz

Cleo Collar

Materials: boulder opals, 18k gold, black spinel, emeralds
Dimensions: 15" x 3.5"

Hand-woven and hand-fabricated collar, made of two boulder opals, 18k gold, black spinel, and emeralds.

Photo credit: Ralph Gabriner