Best wire for bridal wreath

I’m looking for thin guage wire on which I will string pearls &
other gems for a bridal headpiece. The wire needs to show and must be
stiff so that it can be bent into various shapes into the bride’s
hair. I am only familiar with silver wire and things like Beadalon.
The latter won’t hold it’s shape when bent and the silver would
tarnish. Is there some other material I could use?

Beverly, Fine silver wire will do very well. Far less chance of


Hi, Beverly, Artistic Wire makes a “non-tarnish silver” (actually
plated) that should work–you can do a Google search for suppliers or
check your local bead store. (It also comes in colors, in case you
want to make bridesmaid headpieces too.) Fine silver, as opposed to
sterling, is also unlikely to tarnish, but is softer. If money is no
object, and your client likes gold, I’d try that new 24 karat gold
(see Orchid archives) that can be hardened in an oven at a low
temperature (although I’m not sure how much heat pearls can handle).
I’ve been wanting to make something like this (gold wire and white
opal Swarovski–yummy!) for a long time and would love to see how it
turns out.

Good luck,
Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments