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Best way to find freelance jewelers for model making/piece work?

Hello! My background is in jewelry making and design ( trained in Italy) and I am living in the USA. I have designed a collection but would like to find skilled freelance jewelers who are very experienced in model making to realize these designs. I have been a long time Ganoksin and SNAG member and have tried searching in linkedin and other boards but cannot seem to connect with the right people. Is this a good forum to post this? I would love to connect with a few highly skilled jewelers who can do hinges settings and small piece work to help get this line going and into production. Any advice from this knowledgeable community would be greatly appreciated! I will say that I am in the Los Angeles area and prefer to connect with people In the western United States and have hesitations about approaching these large manufacturing houses. I am used to the Florentine way of the craft. Thanks!

Hi Carmit, I did fabrication, model making,
molding and casting for several metalsmiths for
many years.
You can PM me on Facebook Messenger
and we can discuss what you need.
I also have contact with people who can do
things I do not do.
Richard Hart

Try a face book group called Bench Jewelers Helping Bench jewelers.


So much depends on what exactly you are looking to do… but you will have no problem finding contacts. Perhaps if you describe precisely what skills you require, I can suggest some folks? LA is a fabulous place to be, there are many options.

“manufacturing houses” fall into numerous categories. Some are vertically integrated (print/mill, cast, finish, set, etc etc). Some just cast. Some just set, some just finish, etc etc.

If you are looking for one-off FABRICATION, and you want the finest quality, I personally think the world gets small quite quickly :wink: There are perhaps a dozen or so people here in the United States I would call to fabricate me something out of platinum, for example. @JimGrahlDesign is a friend of mine, and he is just outside of LA. Just an example, as selection of service provider depends SO MUCH on what you need done. Most Orchidians will tell you straight up what they do and what they don’t do, and who does it well.

Hi and thanks so much for responding. I spend 5 years learning in the jewelry craft world of Florence, Italy so as you can imagine my standard of quality is high! At this moment I would love to find some jewelers experiences in model making in metal for small scale production of pieces. The more experience the better. The designs are pretty straightforward and geometric and so I don’t believe wax modeling is what I’m looking for right now. Please feel free to keep sending contacts and suggestions!!

Precise soldering skills
Fabricating settings (prongs, bezel) for many shaped stones
Hinge making for earrings and possibly bracelets
Links, connectors…
If I can work with a few jewelers to get the initial models done as well as the silicone molds I can experiment with different casters. I would then be looking to have jewelers for the finishing and final connecting before I descend on the vast resources of this forum to find some setters! I really am shying away from these all in one manufacturing houses. Is there a good argument to be made to go with them?

Hi Richard! Thanks for your message! What is your Facebook contact? Would you mind emailing me some examples of your work? My email is
Thanks so much!