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Best value quality chains and fittings

Stocking up on supplies for the new year, can anyone recommend a company for chains and fittings that will do discounts on bulk orders? Price is important but they have to be quality, I don’t want to have to check every chain for open or malformed links.

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I suggest Rio Grande for chains

The first thing that comes to kind is that they seem to stay shiny and bright without tarnishing, even if in inventory for years…

Also, in my experience, in the unlikely event that you receive a few items that are defective, they stand behind their products and will return/ exchange/ refund.

just my thoughts.


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Take a look at Blake Brothers International…Rob


Obviously, I’m going to suggest Halstead. We offer discounts on bulk orders and have a 30-day return policy. We also perform random lab tests on both old and new product lines every quarter.

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Even from reputable companies, check the country of origin. Chains from China tend to tarnish quickly and you cannot guarantee they are what they say they are. I only buy when the origin is Italy or Israel.

“ Kennajmccall”
Those words that were just written are the best. Keep your eyes open to the country of origin!!!.:wink:

Gerry, on my iPhone

I purchased some inexpensive chain here and the quality was good. Good selection jewelry supply