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Best Tips for Running Your Business


There’s a lot of ORCHID brain power here representing a lot of
success stories. I’d like to tap into that power - and share the

I’m giving a seminar for the JDPN (Jewelry Design Professional
Network) in NYC on Oct. 19th – everyone is welcome to attend!! – and
I’d like to talk about YOU.

In addition to what I’ve learned from hundreds of jewelry designers
during my 15 years as a consultant, trade show coordinator, marketing
coach and writer I’d like to include your own personal tips to

Tell me, what is your best tips for running your business (systems,
sales, promotion, cold calling, trade shows, craft fairs, publicity,
getting attention, organizing your office, booth, road trip… etc.)
No bench or jewelry making tips please - we’re all business at the
Jeweler’s Resource!

And what was the best/worst mistake you ever made?

Tell me if you want attribution or to remain anonymous.

For everyone who contributes a tip, trick, bit of advice – I’ll
send you the resulting compilation report FREE. So you can learn from
your peers, as well. This report may be available for sale on our
website at a later date – but contributors will receive it for FREE
and perhaps mentioned in subsequent press releases, articles and
seminars throughout 2006. So brag a little while promoting your

Send emails to: franklycin at by Oct. 10th to be included in
our new report.

Thank you!
Wishing you much success in 2006,
Cindy Edelstein

Workshop Information And Invitation:

Come Learn How to Grow a Successful Designer Business with Tips and
Tricks from The Trenches by Cindy Edelstein

Cindy has worked with hundreds of jewelry designers in her 15 years
as a consultant, trade show coordinator, marketing coach and writer.
She has seen them come and, unfortunately, she has seen them go…
what contributes to a designer’s staying power as a business? What
moves them forward and what holds them back? Why do some strike out
while their peers (even some less talented ones) hit homeruns again
and again? And why do so many just tread water year after year?
Listen to Cindy’s tips from the trenches and learn how to increase
your chances of business success.

This workshop is produced by the JDPN (Jewelry Design Professionals’
Network) as it’s 2005 Career Forum. Non-members are welcome to
attend. This organization is a great networking vehicle for all kinds
of jewelry design professionals.

When: Wednesday, October 19, 2005 - 6:15PM - 8:30PM
Where: Fashion Institute of Technology
27th Street and Seventh Avenue, New York City
Faculty Dining Room - Bldg A, 8th floor
Admission: JDPN Members: $ 5.00
Non Members: $10.00
Students: free admission as usual

If you have any questions, please contact Dana Buscaglia at
212-734-5939 or by email at danajewel at

Please RSVP to Dana as soon as possible as they need to know how
many people are planning to attend. Again, ALL ARE WELCOME!


The most important part of any business, is to stay in business.
Here are simplified basic tasks any business owner must perform.

  1. Know your operating expenses. Track monthly costs and adjust them
    as things change.

  2. Set aside another 3% of your operating expense for unexpected
    problems: ie. maintenance: ac failures, paint, repairs, etc.

  3. Decide what profit you want. You need this to do the next step.

  4. Calculate a markup on products to produce the profit you desire.

  5. Determine if your final prices will be competative in your

  6. If your prices are not competative, either reduce your desired
    profit or your operating expenses to reach competative pricing.

  7. Repeat this exercise periodically to assure a sound business

This is very simplified, but everyone must understand these