Best tip size for balling

Hi All

I’m hoping one of you experienced folks can help me…I’ve done
lots of silver & gold soldering but always used a “juiced up” version
of a butane torch…big flame plenty of heat everywhere (you get the
idea). I now find the need to heat smaller areas using tiny flames so
I’ve bought a Rothenberger Roxy Kit Plus Oxygen & Propane mix which
has lots of needle tips.

Firstly I connected all the hoses & can’t hear any hisses (yay - I
think, onto the next section of the instructions, yes I’m a girl I
read the instructions) Then is says to open the Maxigas 400 about 1/2
a turn and ignite the flame…this was quite alarming as the thing
suddenly sounded like I was letting air out of a balloon whilst
pulling the neck (a loud rubbery squeaky sound) is this normal? I’ve
turned it off for now as I dont want to blow myself up… :frowning:

So can anyone help, plus can anyone suggest the best tip size for
instantly balling 1mm sterling wire without the surrounding area
gettig too hot? I have 0.3, 0.4, 0.5 & 0.6 tips

Thank you in anticipation :slight_smile:
Nicola xx

yes I'm a girl I read the instructions

Well, being a girl I do too! Who did you buy your torch from? Rio
Grande has a great tech support service, and if you bought from them
they will help walk you through things on the phone. (voice of
experience here!).

That said, when I switched torches I was a bit uncomfortable about
setting up the new torch on my own, and got a friend who runs a
sheet metal business to come by one evening and check my set up and
make sure everything was correct - just for my own peace of mind! So
you might see if you have someone locally who would be willing to
come and help you get everything going the first time.

Good luck with your new torch!

Beth Wicker
Three Cats and a Dog Design Studio