Best source for Durston Rolling Mill

Hi Everyone:

My husband wants to give me a rolling mill for Christmas and I have
chosen a Durston 100MM Flat Rolling MIll.? I don’t think I need a
combination mill since I don’t see myself drawing wire at any time.?
I know Rio carries Durston and they have a 100MM, but I wonder if
there is a better (read less expensive) place to buy one.?

Right now I only work with silver because I don’t have anyone to
teach me goldsmithing.? I’ve taken a lot of classes and really push
myself to improve my skills daily.? I?sell what I make at the local
Museum and thru a local boutique, but don’t make enough (yet) to
fund my passion.? I have a hydraulic press (which my hubby bought
me) and now I’d like to add a rolling mill to better expand my
possibilities.? I’ve been told I?can do everything with a hydraulic
press that I can do with a rolling mill.? Is that true?? Would a
rolling mill be a good addition, or would it just be duplicating
something I already have??

Thanks to all you professionals for the great advice you give every
day.? I’ve learned so much from all of you.



Although you will get different advise from everyone, my advice would
be to get the widest COMBINATION rolling mill Durston makes, with
both grooves and flat rollers, and make sure your mill has removable
side rollers for making half-round stock, if you desire. With this
machine, you will be able to make all your own stock, as well as
modify all existing wire and sheet stock (wider, narrower, thinner,
longer, etc.) It’s the most versatile and practical machine you can
own for metalsmithing. An exclusively flat rolling mill is severely
limited to just thinning out sheet stock, and it does nothing else. I
would definately go for the combination mill, unquestionably.

Concerning the hydraulic press, you will get a lot of other advice
about this piece of equipment as well, but I believe you will use
that press about 1/20th as often as you will use your rolling mill.
Sure, I’m a make- it- yourself type guy, but our 2 rolling mills in
our UCSD studio get a lot of use daily, but our hydraulic press gets
used about once or twice a week.

Jay Whaley

Hi Carolyn,

Good for you that you have chosen a Durston. They are the best. I got
a combination, but I wish I had chosen a flat instead, so I think
you are getting the right one.

There are other places besides Rio that carry them and it will
depend on where you live. However, Rio will make sure that your new
baby arrives well packed and on time, but others will too.

If you are coming to Tucson, you can arrange to have your rolling
mill sent to you directly from there. When I joined MJSA, I found out
that part of their perks as a member is 40 percent off on shipping
with FedEx. Basically I got the rolling mill quite economically, and
even with the shipping and the membership cost, I still saved.

What part of the country do you live?

Karen Christians

You might find a good price for the Durston at Zak Jewelry Supply on
47th St. in NYC. Their shipping is very fast and reasonable.


You must know that the best source for the Durston Mill is the
Ganoksin Raffle! Stacy Hosler, last year’s 2nd place winner!