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Best solder for various metals

Hi, folks. What in your experience is the best solder for the
following tasks in order to make the solder line as invisible as

  1. Soldering bronze to bronze–either commercial bronze or silicon

  2. Soldering bronze to stainless steel;

  3. Soldering yellow brass to yellow brass;

  4. Soldering sterling to bronze;

If you could be as specific as possible on the solder and where I
can buy it that would be great. Thanks.

I’ve used hard silver solder with bronze, and brass, and the seam is
barely detectable.

The brass was a yellow brass, but the bronze was 90/10.

I’ve also soldered fine silver to 90/10 bronze with hard silver
solder, but it was a sweat solder so a seam wasn’t an issue.

I also did a mokume of fine silver and 90/10 bronze, but used no
solder, just heat and a hammer.

Regards Charles A.


Rio Grande has a gold filled solder that works very well on brass.
The joints don’t show at all.

I hope this helps.