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Best small electric drill

​I am doing some work that entails drilling many tiny
holes over a large area.
My flex shaft is too big to control the tiny drills bits.

Can anyone recommend a brand and style of small electric drill to use.
I am drilling copper and silver sheet.

I looked and looked on Amazon to see if they have any thing but most of the
small ones ​are cheap and I think for wood or plastic and very poor quality.

Thanks for any help.

Sharron…in cold central Mexico

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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I use a cheapie benchtop drill, EuroTool DRL300, and it has worked just fine for me. If you go that route, make sure you purchase from a reputeable source as some online vendors sell knockoffs and claim otherwise.

Did you buy your EuroTool DRL300. from Amazon?? They have it for sale.

Trying to see how to know which is real or which might be fake.


Just make darn sure that the drill has UA certificate attached. If not, run away! Some of those “knock-offs” might cause electrical problems!

I’m Gerry, On my iPhone!

I cannot find what UA certificate is or stands for Jerry. Is this for
electric goods sold in the U.S. ??

I don’t think I bought it from Amazon, but at the time I had called EuroTool and they recommended me a vendor so I picked it up for $80 shipped. The first hit on Amazon shows the ShopPage (above the product title) is from EuroTool, but I would just call EuroTool and confirm it’s them. They were very nice and can answer any other questions you may have.

Try ULC “Under-Writers Laboratory” If it hasn’t any form of certified
testers, cancel the order immediately. If you bought it, I’d return it!
Please “play & work” SAFE!!!

*Gerry Lewy *

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Sharron I thionk he means a UL (Underwriters Laboratories) certificate or in Canada a CSA # OR Ontario Hydro Certification (If in Ontario)

I have a small Chinese Press I bought from Rio Grande. I have always been happy with it. Requires a silicone “O” ring for a belt but I have never had to replace the one I am using. Looking at the photo from Amazon when searching EURO TOOL drl300 it looks to be the same drill press. Once I have complete my shop I will buy a larger drill press I believe but still small by wood shop standards.

Don Meixner

---- sharron gray wrote:

Take a look at Hans Meevis drill str8 mini drill press, very nice but not cheap.

I don’t own one, too dear for my wallet but if Hans makes it you can be sure of the quality


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a small drill press tool for your jewelry projects? We recommend:

I don’t know as I would want to do what you describe with a hand drill. There is an inexpensive drill press for sale for less than $100 at several of the suppliers that sell to us that will likely work for you. I bought one 5 years ago and have used it for a number of things to include water flooded diamond drilling of lapidary pieces and the type of work that you describe. It does tend to wander a bit before it starts to drill, but once you figure out its nature, you can compensate for it. You might give it a try before you overspend on something that you don’t need. Good luck…Rob

The MicroLux ( isn’t bad. It’s made in Japan, and is functionally identical to the Proxxon that’s made in Germany. I bought this, because I’d been using a full-size press that was too large for jewelry making (particularly piercing).

I’ve been mostly satisfied with two exceptions: it’s great at its low speed, but at its highest speed, it vibrates a little too much for my taste, and the chuck capacity is a little small.

Eventually, I’ll likely upgrade to something that will accommodate a sensitive drill chuck like the one I mentioned in the other thread I think you began.


Note From Ganoksin Staff:
Looking for a compact drill for your jewelry projects? We recommend: