Best saw blades for fit & precision cutting

Good Morning Ganoksin,

Some time ago I remember a post discussing the best fitting saw
blades for the Knew Concepts Saw, and for the life of me I cannot
get a search of the archives to show me the string.

Also there was some comparison discussions about the best choice in
saw blades. My blade block is running dry and I am needing to order
more blades, so I thought I would make sure I get the best fit for
my saw, as well as best quality. I think I remember that there are
some that are too short? I also would prefer if I am spending money
to restock, and get blades with the most consistent tooth. Right now
there are three brands offered at Otto Frei, and only one brand
listed with Rio. I really don’t care where I order from, so long as
I buying quality at the best price.

If someone could elaborate for me, or point me in the direction of
the original forums string, I would really appreciate it.


My workhorses are the “Anitlope” 4/0 for most of my work. They work
very well for me. For finer work I also use the 6/0 and the 8/0. The
smallest I have aren’t available at Otto Frei, they are 10/0 and the
brand is called “Goldschnecke”, they measures about 0.005 inch (0.15
mm) with 31 teeth per cm.

Mario Sarto

Teresa -

Until I found the Pike brand of saw blades, I had on-again/off-again
luck. I tried Antilope, Herkulese(sp), and others from Otto Frei,
Rio, etc…the quality varied. I buy mine now only from FDJ Tools in
Winter Park, FL. (website, Jewelry Making and Craft Tools and Supplies from FDJTool ( FDJ On Time ) - FDJ Tool ) Other
companies carry Pike, but so far I’ve only seen FDJ carries the 6/0
that I prefer.

The quality is excellent, and consistent (major plus).

good luck,
Kelley Dragon

Teresa, Pesonally I like Supra saw blades and I buy them from
Gesswein. I don’t use the straw colored blades, just basic black for
me. I usually stock 2/0 thru 6/0, but use 2/0 and 6/0 almost
exclusively. I do also use the Knew Concepts saw frame most of the
time, that I got in fire engine red…because the color red makes me
feel like a million bucks! Plus that is the only color it comes in.
An unrelated comment, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been
wearing a red shirt at the bench and it’s reflection on what I am
soldering has made me think I was overheating the object I was
torching. I know how many times, I just can’t tell you…it’s a


I can recommend thee saw blades, I have been using them for many
years now and here in the UK trade, I am known for my quality saw
piercing.The blades are perfect for the Knew Concept saw frames as I
have been using them ever since they have been on the market.The
blades I use are Swiss made, Glardon Vallorbe, jewellers saw blades
for metal. I use mostly 6/0 up to 0/0 sizes, my mostly used blade
size for cutting G25 is the 4.0.and for cutting G20 I also use a 4/0
for delicate work but for large jobs I use a 2/0. For G16,I use the
2/0 and the 0/0 sizes. These saw blades also have rounded backs so
they do not snag when cutting curves, I use candle wax as a lubricant
when piercing, rubbing the wax on the rear of the blade so that the
wax does not obscure the piercing pattern lines when cutting.Peace
and good health to all and happy piercing also.

James Miller FIPG
a UK goldsmith

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I don’t have extensive experience with saw blades as I’ve only ever
used three different brands but I’m using Rio’s LaserGold blades in
my KC saw and have been very happy with them. I have the screw
tensioner setup and haven’t yet encountered a too short blade. The
teeth are even and I have few problems with blades breaking (I tend
to keep a 3/0 blade in my frame for general sawing, for a size

For lube, I have an old candle stub that I rub on the back of the
blade, rather than the teeth. I read that tip somewhere and it works
quite well.

I know that jewelers saw blades are not really made to cut metals
like stainless steel and silicon bronze. But I use those metals quite
often, and I was wondering if anyone has opinions on the best blades
for cutting those hard metals. I’ve purchased some no-name blades
from the local shop, and they’ve snapped and dulled super quickly.

I know that jewelers saw blades are not really made to cut metals
like stainless steel and silicon bronze. But I use those metals
quite often, and I was wondering if anyone has opinions on the best
blades for cutting those hard metals. 

Hercules brand (german) sawblades come in two basic versions. The
black label blades are intended for precious metals. The white label
ones, though, are intended for “hard” metals. They’re intended as
much for the tool and die makers who might need such sawblades, as
for jewelers, and cutting steel is kind of what they’re optimized
for. That does, though mean they themselves are harder and more
brittle (easier to break) than the usual jewelers blades. But you
will have less problem with them dulling quickly.

Peter Rowe

Hello John,

I have used Rio Grande’s Laser Gold blades to cut 18gauge (B&S)
titanium links for a chain. Here is a link to an Etsy listing showing
a pendant hanging from the chain I made using the titanium links.

I used Otto Frei’s Anchor Lube while cutting the links and this
noticeably increased the cutting life of the blades.

Using a 4/0 blade, I was able to cut about twenty links before the
blade would become too dull to use any longer! I know this doesn’t
seem like a lot but titanium is quite hard and before using the
Anchor Lube I was getting about four links before the blade would

The trick seems to be to not let the blade heat up, so saw slowly
and allow the heat to dissipate.

I hope I have been helpful