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Best rubber mold for casting white metal

I’ve taken on a job to reproduce a lost costume jewelry earring from
the remaining earring. I took it on as a challenge and a learning
experience rather than as a money-maker.

The earring I need to copy is sort of a Southwest style made of
white metal with a plastic “turquoise” cab (no veining). I can
duplicate the cabochon with polymer clay and glaze, no problem.

I’m going to make a new pair of earrings so the weights match, and
turn the original remaining earring into a pendant. I bought some
lead-free white metal and a melting ladle. But I can’t seem to find
out exactly which mold rubbers can handle having approx. 600F molten
white metal poured into them. I found lots of references online where
people were “going to try” casting white metal in one kind of rubber
or another, but nobody has ever gone back and posted results

I have here:

Castaldo gold vulcanizing rubber (I’d prefer not to use this one due
to the larger shrinkage factor)

Castaldo Gelato silicone vulcanizing rubber

Dow Silastic E liquid RTV silicone rubber

A sample size of Castaldo Liquicast RTV

Which, if any of these materials would be able to handle two pours
of molten white metal directly into the mold?

I don’t have spin casting capability and I don’t want to acquire it
just for two earrings. [smile]

Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Jewelry