Best respirators for enameling

I have two different models and I am wondering which will be best
for sifting/firing enamels.

I have the Moldex Model#230IN95 (I use this for working at my flex
shaft) and it fits me really well

And I have the 3M Model #8233 this one is not quite a perfect fit.

I am wondering if I can use the Moldex one for enamels.

Or is there something better out there I should be using. I have a
pretty small face and these things can get pretty uncomfortable so
I’d like to find something relatively comfy.

I’ve read the packaging and all but am still confused since it
doesn’t mention enameling specifically.

Thanks for your help

Roberta, I don’t believe you need a respirator for enameling. A
small dust mask will be sufficient if you are dry dusting your
enamels. I have been enameling for many many years, and have never
bothered with a mask, other than a small dust mask when I am working
on large panels and there is a possibility of my breathing in the

If you are using Thompson enamels, you might want to give them a
call and they will be happy to answer your questions.


I’ve been using this particulate respirator for decades:

Jeff Herman