Best quality epoxy

What suggestions for the best quality (clear or not) epoxy. I have
trouble trusting any “glue”.


Your choice of glues depends on the materials being glued and also
the nature of the joint.

That said, for epoxies, the most archival is called Hxtal. It is the
glue of choice for most glass artists. It has a very slow setting
time and can take a week to acheive full cure. It’s a demanding glue
must be dealt with accurately, but when you do, the results can’t be

Don Friedlich

I use Epoxy 330. It is a two-part epoxy supplied in “travel size
toothpaste” type tubes. You just mix equal amounts from each tube
and apply. It is relatively fast-drying. I use it primarily for
gluing pearls, but have used it for a lot of other applications as
well. It is available from all jewelry supply houses.

Del Pearson, PhD
Designs of Eagle Creek
In Beautiful South Texas

I use a wonderful glue (not an epoxy) for gluing pearls and much
more. It is “Zap a Gap” sold at Ace Hardware stores.


I use the 20 ton strength clear two part epoxy from Devcon - I get
it True Value Hardware shops.


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