Best price for scrap silver?

I have some scrap silver that I’d like to sell back for cash to help
defray the purchase of a major item – that big roomy jeweler’s bench
I’ve always lusted after. I have turned in some to Rio before, for
merchandise credit, and the process has always been pretty painless,
compared to stories I’ve heard from other metalsmiths. However, Rio
only gives 75% of the current value in merchandise credit, and I’d
like to get a better return for this batch, if possible.

A friend just had a good experience with David H. Fell. Can anyone
recommend other buyers with whom they’ve had a good experience?


I was just looking for a place to sell some gold scrap jewelry and
went to a forum for metal dector treasure huhters. They seem to feel
that ARA in Dallas is a good place, said to be honest, and to pay 98%
of the spot price of the metal. You could Google them for more
details. i sent them some gold, insured and registered mail, so I
should know something in a few days.

John in Indiana

Hi Brenda, Try Ebay. We get a better price for small lots of scrap
there than we get from refiners or Rio. Good luck and enjoy your new

Hi Mona

I use NTR Metals they can be found on the web I love them. I can
even walk in and get paid in an hour.


I’ve been using Mid West refineries recently. Very happy with them.


hi, your silver is pure if it is pure 99.95 how much per grams do
you to sale your silver?

Hi Mona,

I’ve found Hauser & Miller

in St Louis a good place for sending scrap.


NTR Precious Metals

I discovered them during a stint I did working as a Gold Buyer…

Keith Hible

NTR metals has the best return that I can find. They have quite a
few locations and pay you within an hour of delivery. I ship my scrap
to them, have always been happy with the return and gotten a check
within a day or two. No refining fee for straight silver scrap. They
don’t give a hoot about solder, impurities or any of that stuff.

You do need to be registered with them, but the app is online and
simple to fill out. They have NO minimum. The only wrinkle is that if
you have mixed up your metals and want a return on all of it, there
is a modest refining fee and the stuff has to go to Dallas.

The site is Elemetal Direct - Precious Metal Refining - Elemetal Direct

Go to Commercial Refining and read. Their price lock-in is very
useful in this volatile metals market.

Judy Hoch

Hi Mona

I asked the same thing a few months ago. Hauser and Miller in St
Louis was recommended to me. I sent them several pounds of sterling
scrap and a small amount of gold scrap and was very pleased with the
return. I don’t remember all the details, but it was the best offer I
found. They offer either a cash settlement or materials credit (with
a further discount on whatever you purchase from them). They have a
very fast response time, too. I hope that helps.

Diana Jones

On silver Stuller pays 94% with no processing fee on a full account

On a check payout it’s 90% with a $50.00 charge.

Both take approx. (3) days.


Stuller will pay 94% on silver if you have them credit your account.

Hi Judy, I just checked NTR metals website and it is not there. Do
you have any idea what is going on with them,

Vince LaRochelle


It is ntrmetals

I’m not sure what you mean - 'they are not there". The website for
NTR is Elemetal Direct - Precious Metal Refining - Elemetal Direct

As to returns, I call our local NTR to find out what I could expect.
I’m not an expert on NTR, I just like them.

Judy Hoch