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Best place for a silver factory?

Hi everyone,

Let’s pretend you have the opportunity to start up a sterling
production factory. The collection is all designed, market-tested,
and performing well in 5-7 countries, mid-range in price and size.
Where would it be? And by the “best place” I mean, the best place for
the project…not for family to come visit! Mexico? Thailand?
Turkey? India? Kalamazoo? (Ok, I know that’s in Michigan…) Any



Oh… please, please PLEASE make yourself at home somewhere in
Shoshone County, North Idaho!!!

We have a couple silver mines beginning to function again, and WE

Having a fabber for the mines’ output up here would be ideal!

Andrew Jonathan Fine

It would be lovely to be able to do such a project. My great friend
here in Australia had friends who tried various projects in different
countries relating to silver and jewellery production. 1st. check
residence rules and possible obligatory local partner. Import, export

It may be possible but at every stage difficulties emerged, paying
bribes to officials, local mafias, having designs copied, as some
countries have no concept of ownership of designs, metal purity

Unfortunately the ones who suffer most are the poor craftsmen who
are often extremely badly treated by our standards.

I know one man who ran a successful operation in Mexico but he had
been there for many years and contracted work out only to individual
crafts families. He still had problems.

You might be lucky! Look into it very carefully. Sorry.
Stick to Kzoo.

Gosh, so many questions.

What is your exact target price point?
What is your quality standard?
What techniques are involved?

These are very important questions. For instance, if you have a
generous budget, and your item requires the very best quality
standard, plus the ability to meet with your manufacturer and
develop your product in a hands-onway I would say the USA, so many
great factories already in Providence Rhode Island, NYC, great
opportunities to set up a factory in other regions.

Now with that said…If you need to make a $20 profit on an item
that contains $8.00 in materials, and retails for $30.00, you are
definitely not manufacturing in the USA. Period. Bummer, too because
we really need the jobs and have such a diverse and skilled
workforce in jewelry. But I find this to be more often the case.

I spent 5 years in product development for factories in the jewelry
industry (and still do consulting, so lets say 10 years total). It
was my job to turn the design on paper to a piece of finished jewelry
that met price point and quality specifications. This varied widely
for each customer, for each project. Sometimes it made more $$ sense
for me to send a project overseas than to have the factory where I
worked make the item in house…!!! Broke my heart. And as I stayed
in the job, I sent more and more jobs overseas. Had many experiences
with many countries, some good, some not so good, some really just
awful. If this is a serious question I can offer more advice with
more info…but I will say that for excellent quality, control over
your product, and ease of communication stick with the USA!!! And
take a look at Providence, RI. This area has been the largest
manufacturing center for jewelry in the US since the 1800s, great
local infrastructure, so much talent in the area in terms of
experienced craftspeople, and people trained in related technology.