Best pickle for gold

What is the best pickle for gold? I’m currently using Sparex and not
much luck losing the copper look.

Citrus pickle which is 100% citric acid does not copperplate the
jewelry. My company does sell this product. Diane

I use PH down which is the same stuff in pickle but stronger and
cheaper. Buy it at wal-mart or any discount store. Then you can super
charge it putting hydrogen peroxide into the solution. Don’t put brass
or bronze into this pickle because what results if metal is left long
enough is kind of a spongy mass. The hydrogen peroxide will really
take away the copper. Good Luck.

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Deborah, Does Ph Down change the color of 14k gold? How long can you
leave the gold in it? Thanks, Geo.

To whom it may concern: When I mentioned the use of pH modifiers in
the forum a couple of weeks back, I also mentioned that you should
look for the one that contains sodium bisulfate. That chemical is the
same as the one which is the active ingredient in Sparex. The pH in a
spa or swimming pool can be regulated by any number of chemicals and
the people who sell modifiers are apt to use the cheapest and safest
at a given moment in time. It is ESSENTIAL that you check the
ingredients before assuming that the product is suitable ! Ron at
Mills Gem Co. Los Osos, CA

Dear G Stanford, no, this pickle will not change the golds color, it
will only remove the layer of copper brought to the surface by
applying the torch. PH Down is the same chemical as sparex but cleaner
( you will not find that brown oily scum in your pickle pot), cheaper,
and they put it in a plastic container so no rust to contaminate
powder. You may leave it in just like you always do. If you
supercharge it with the hydrogen peroxide it will take much less time
to remove the copper oxides from the sterling or anything below 18k
gold. As mentioned before, care should be taken with those alloys made
primarily of copper such as bronze and brass. If you leave those long
enough, depending on the strength of the solution, say several hours,
what you will come back to is a spongy mass. This is because the
copper has gone into solution. Thanks for asking. Deb

Deborah: if you add peroxide is it just the stuff you buy in any
store and does this eat out the solder in joints on sterling? Dave

Dear Dave, you don’t have to leave the peices in the pickle
long. You’ll see results almost immediately, so when you do,
just remove your piece and rinse.

Please describe the method of “supercharging”. I’m completely
clueless. Thanks so much, Judymw Judy M. Willingham, Consumer
Pollution Prevention Specialist 237 Seaton Hall Kansas State
University Manhattan KS 66506 (785)532-5418 FAX (785)

Dear Dave, I’m sorry I did not answer yuor question,which was “is
it regular old peroxide?” Yes I just get the largest size
from any pharmacy. It is usually under a dollar.