"Best of Artists" Competition

In the April SNAG newsletter, there’s an announcement about a “Best
of Artists and Artisans” competition which reads in part as follows:

“Kennedy Promotions is producing a unique new book series: 100+
winners featured in beautiful hardcover books for each state, listed
on the internet with Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders, and up to
$10,000 in national cash prizes. $25/3 slides …”

The states called for are NY, NC, PA, CA, AZ, TX, WV, with a Sept. 1
deadline; and there’s a reference to http://www.bestofartists.com

I spent some time on the website and learned that Kennedy Promotions
is an offshoot of KAMG which is an artist management company of five
years standing. They say their “first project, Impressions of Life
in the Historic Triangle, will be available through Amazon.com,
BarnesandNoble.com, and Borders.com first quarter of 2005.” I
checked Amazon.com and couldn’t find it. I also noticed that nowhere
in all the provided does it mention who will publish the
books and/or when they are projected to be released. I sent an email
asking about publishers and release dates and received this reply
from Carolyn Henry “East Coast Director”:

“Kennedy Promotions is working with a couple of independent
publishing companies, to produce a beautiful high quality, full
color, large format, hard cover and/or soft cover book. The time line
for the books are determined by how many entries for each state, and
other variables. Our goal is to have them out by eight to Ten months
after the deadline date.”

The response seems somewhat vague to me. So I am wondering if any
of you have any knowledge of this competition, the people behind it
or any other relevant My cynical side says that at $25
per application (considering that they’re soliciting both fine
artists and craft artists of all kinds), the promoters could make a
lot of money on poor quality books that are never promoted beyond
“quarterly newsletters to our private list of art collectors and
galleries all around the world.”

The not-so-cynical side says, what have you got to lose besides $25
and some time. Then again, $25 is a great meal at California Pizza
Kitchen and time is precious!



kinda sound to me like those poetry competitions in magazines entry
fee, and oh, you won a place in a crappy book…or the best of the
best or who’s who…you’ve been picked and for $75.00 you can buy a
book with your name in it.

You would think for such a large production that someone would have
heard of this…and art is such a broad and subjective area to
"judge" on. Let’s see what everyone else says, but something sounds
kinda stinky. It’s just such a shame that people like this prey upon
poor unsuspecting souls who are less then world weary. even if it’s
true…they will charge you $25 for 3 slides …accept a couple
hundred images and then charge an exhuberant amount of money for the
book…I have also seen this with photo comps…the only people
buying the book are the people featured in it, and don’t worry, on
top of the “book fee” of at least more than $50.00 and an entry free
of and additional $30.00 or so, you are doing nothing buyt buying
your way into a book…what a scam. what a shame.

I think everything in this world should be on the up and up.

-julia potts–


LOL, that was also exactly my first thought. The 'emerging artist’
catagory gave it away for me. This coming from someone who actually
fell for one of those poetry book schemes at the ripe age of 20.
Didn’t buy there $75 book though, or the $25 dollar tape, LOL. At
nearly 40 now, I’ve never seen a copy of the book with my poems,
which is probably a good thing since one turned out to be
frighteningly similar to a work of Victor Hugo, whom I did not even
know exsisted until many years later.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a book project like that that was
GENUINE and well published and a big beautiful coffee-table book.
Artistic Works of the Early Millenium, or something like that :wink:

Dawn in Texas

Check out these folks instead: http://www.alcovebooks.net

They have no jury fee–it’s $195 if you get in, but you get a lot of
bang for your buck (1000 postcards, etc.). Although the site says
they have limited distribution, mostly to Barnes & Noble, I’ve seen
the Crafts of Northern California version in several independent
bookstores. Beautiful little book: it would be very impressive in a
booth and and you could even sell it.

Lisa Orlando
Aphrodite’s Ornaments