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Best metal for sample line

At TIJT Paris TX. we spent the second semester shooting waxes,
casting, and finishing bronze rings and other items.

The third semester we spent stone setting and repairing these rings.
All work was finished to J A standards. Fourth semester was spent
working exclusively with yellow and white golds. We also worked with

I remembered cutting 1/8 " by 36 " rods into 1 " or smaller pieces
and adding 4 % silver by weight, for either vacuum or centrifugal
castings, as required.

Email TIJT to confirm the nature of the 1/8 " rod,
but I believe it was a silicon bronze.


What, if any experience, does anybody have with

-DZR Brass

base metal casting grains, for producing sample lines?

I would recommend a silicon bronze either Herculoy CDA 876 or
Everdure CDA 873 ( better). It is self deoxidizing and handles well.
Plate the product if desired. I like Everdure.

Bronwite (probably CDA 997) is a nickel brass (no silver) An
advantage might be a lower melting point.