Best material for pet tags?

I’m looking to get some non-precious metal pet tags manufactured.
They’d need to be:

-Made with a very durable metal that won’t tarnish because the pet
may dip them in their water dish, go outside in the rain and dirt,

-Made with a metal to which a clear epoxy would adhere

-Be flat, but have a raised bezel around the outer edge on both

-Have a small hole cut out of the material (not soldered on)

What’s the best metal and manufacturing process for this?

Many thanks for your time and expertise!


I would try stamped aluminum, the bezel would have to angled a little
but the hole could be stamped at the same time and your tags could be
anodize for different colors.


Probably your best bet would be pewter (the modern lead-free
version). As long as you don’t want a “gold-tone” metal, it’s almost
tailor made for your task. It can easily be cast by a myriad of
production methods.

Ron Charlotte – Gainesville, FL
@Ron_Charlotte1 OR

I would ask Paris Hilton, only kidding. The Army Surplus places,
that have Dog Tag machines, have the tag blanks in various colours,
they are aluminum, but it’s a start.