Best manual mold clamps

Any out there on who makes the best manual mold clamps?


The best mold clamp is two plates of aluminum held on either side of
the mold with your hand. I have cast over 250,000 waxes this way. My
employees had no problem doing this, 35 hours a week for 10 years. I
have done molds for belt buckles this way, Takes two hands, but my
wax injector has a pump built into the nozzle, it does not use a
compressor. Just pushing the mold on the nozzle pumps the wax into
the mold. If you really feel the need, I have one I bought in an
estate sale of jewelry tools I bought 15 years ago, I would sell it
really cheap.

Richard Hart

The best manual mold clamp I have ever used, and I’ve tried them
all, is just two plain old aluminum rectangular sheets that you
squeeze between your fingers and thumbs.