Best jewelery artists working today

Brian’s response regarding the Met Shows made me wonder who you all
think are the best jewelery artists working today. I’d love to hear
your thoughts

Jamie King,

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For exquisite beauty, remarkable talent, and expertise it would be
unwise to not mention Tom Herman Seven Fingers Jewelers

Linda Kaye-Moses

Hi Gang,

My two suggestions would be Daniel Brush and Kevin Coates.

My criteria requires that the person involved do most of it
themselves, not just design it and farm it out to a team of pros.
I’ll make some allowances for setting, but in these two cases, I
don’t need to.


Oh yeah! Beautiful work and this ol’ biologist likes the botanical

Judy in Kansas, where the wind is howling and moving the snow
around. the snow is beginning to lose its charm!

Yeah, Bri,

Those two are right up there, aren’t they. I’m especially drawn to
Kevin Coate’s work. Fortunately, Mobilia Gallery in Cambridge, MA
represents him, so when I get to that area I get to see his work.