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Best Gold Tester

Looking for a gold tester that is reliable yet relatively easy to
use. Any suggestions pros or con would be appreciated. Thanks.

testing acids are cheap and reliable- I don’t know of an acid for
24k- but there are 10k, 14k, 18, & 22k as well as platinum- but
testing for what fineness of platinum contenet is questionalble.
there are lots of on line jewerly suppliers selling the acids. there
are also expensive karet readers- not sure yet how they work or how
reliable they are- has anybody used them?

The only problem I have using the acids is when testing a quantity of
gold- it is not great to be breathing it in and not great getting
drops on your skin- so the karet readers would offer relief from the
fumes. best luck- rona


I am happy with my good old touchstone. And I love its oldfashonned
wooden box and acid bottles!

Juliette Arda
Aix en Provence

I use the Golden Touch for a quick check. It’s electronic and seems
reliable and accurate. The best is there is no need to file any
parts away. I also test with acid, when the electronic test is either
inconclusive or against my gut feeling :slight_smile:

You can buy it online, just Google “Golden Touch” gold tester. It
has been worth the small investment for me. It costs about $80.00

Now I wish they made one for Sterling and silver content. I have a
black touchstone and trying to figure out shades of red is really
tough. Does anyone know of another kind of test for Silver content?


Vera Battemarco
Couture Artisan Jewelry ™