Best flux for fine silver and enamelling grade solder?



Hi everyone. I have always used borax as flux but it does bubble around and move my pieces a bit. Watching a US jewellery master video recently, he recommended Tenacity Ace Flux saying it did not bubble up so much so was easy to use. I can’t find ‘Ace’ in UK but Tenacity 125 is available. Is this the same? Is it the best flux to use on fine silver with enamelling grade solder, on pieces that I will later enamel? A bit of advice from Ganoksin knowledgeable members would be really appreciated. It would be good if flux was available in UK. I used to travel to US a lot to visit my son and family but with the present C19 virus swirling around the world, I have no idea when I will next get back to the States.
Have a safe day! for fluxes and for anti-flux

Thanks for your recommendation. I have checked out your recommended website and emailed for supplier details. Hope I can progress on this. Heather

Hi Heather,
I can help you with this flux issue. Im Ted inthe UK and need you to mail me off ist at
vladimirdotfrateratgmaildot com
The Tenacity flux is a trade name from Johnson Matthey as one of their industrial grade fluxes available from any good welding suppliers.
Theres another flux that is much more useful. details when we correspond.
Ted Dorset UK.