Best Firing schedule for copper metal clay

Just curious, what is the best firing schedule for CopprClay? I
haven’t started playing with it yet.


9 hours at 1100…in a stainless heat sink with powdered carbon-
just as for bronze clay…ramp the kiln over 5 hours to working temp

Just curious, what is the best firing schedule for CopprClay? I
haven't started playing with it yet. 

It depends on whether you’ll be enameling or not. If enameling, see
Pam East’s presentation at the Metal Clay World Conference. All the
presenter’s slides will be up at the conference website soon, if they
aren’t already.


Monica -

On the recommendations of Pam East, I use the following schedule for
my Copper Clay and I have been pretty happy with it. This is what Pam
said when asked about a firing schedule:

I am currently using the following firing schedule for COPPRclay,
the Metal Adventures copper clay distributed by Rio Grande. This is
not to be confused with Hadar Jacobsen’s copper powder, which is a
different product and may have a different firing schedule.

I do a two phase firing.

Phase 1: Fire on an open shelf (no carbon) Ramp speed 500, Temp 560,
Hold 15 min.

This initial firing burns out all the binders, which seems to improve
the sintering in the second phase. Pieces will be black and brittle
after this firing.

Phase 2: Place an inch or so of activated coconut charcoal in a
stainless steel pan. Place pieces in pan and cover with at least one
ince of more of the charcoal. I fill the pan to the top. Ramp Full,
Temp 1700, Hold 3.5 hours. Leave in kiln until below 300.

I love playing with the copper as well as the bronz clay. I hope you
have as much fun as I’ve been having.

Sandra Graves, IsisRising

Wow. Learning about all the problems people are having with the new
bronze clay, and also the need for 9 hours at 1100, plus a ramp up
over 5 hours to working temp for both the copper clay and the bronze
clay is really is surprising.

For doing this, one needs a programmable kiln—a big expense right
there. My major concern is that this would be very hard on the kiln.
One would hate to be facing expensive repairs.

Certainly seems to be more of a hassle than lost wax casting—and
certainly much more expensive as far as the materials go.


I just found a great schedule that has worked every time so far. 5
firings in a row.

Fire on an open shelf, use fiber blanket to support voluminous
pieces, use a slow ramp of 480F to 555F and hold for one hour

Wait until your work has cooled enough to transfer to a stainless
steel sink filled with coconut carbon (coal based doesn’t work as
well for copper) and use a fast ramp to 1650F and hold for 3.5

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Good luck with your first firing.

Sorry RER, but 9 hours is overkill for copper. They have two entirely
different firing schedules as I outlined in another post.