Best epoxy resin for glass like pendants?

i give up with easy cast. it leaves imprints in the pendents i made
just by touching for 1 second and its been over a week. also, i read
easy cast is not as hard as some resins aka envirotex lite and
aristicrats liquid glass epoxy.

i could try those because i can do layers and i read that those two
resins are not good for thick casts.

but then there is more resins out there. i am not looking for a
doming resin, cause it seems to be to me a resin that magnifies
something and im looking for a clearness.

and then there is the polyester resins which i read are harder but
are bad for the breathing // more chemical//more hazardous or
something so im sitcking with epoxy.

and then… there is this one resin on

called super hard resin, which seems to me to be the best choice for
what i want, a glass like finish that is HARD and clear… except i
dont know if its clear or not because it doesnt say on the item
page. so i sent the website and email to ask but i dont know if they
will get back to me or when.

and then… theres this stuff on : that “INCREASES
THE HARDNESS O RESIN” which may be useful, but im not sure if its
worth it to pay extra money for something when i could just get the
hardness from a hard curing resin.

also on theres this resin called ultra-glo. i dont
know what to think about this. i dont know much about any of these
stated before i do layers in molds to make pendants. so it wouldnt be
that thick of casts. but i REALLY dont like to wait forever for it to
cure each layer. and i also REALLY dont want the resin to cure like
the east cast did, to the point where i touch it and i freaking
imprints! aweful!

can anyone help me pick the right resin im open for suggestions other
than the resins iv already listed in this email. i think that maybe
aistrocrats epoxy liquid glass resin is good? im not really stearing
in any direction though im totally on the fence about this. and i
havent used any of these except the easy cast

Hi Laura,

I have tried all of the two part resins and I dislike them all. My
favorite is the Lisa Pavelka Magic Glos UV Resin and there is also
one by Judikins called Soleil Gel. Both are awesome. I have a UV lamp
that sets the resin in 15 minutes. I can do multiple layers in one
hour as opposed to the 24 to 72 hour cure time on some of the two
part resins. Neither of these resins really domes very well but they
do level out. They do not yellow over time. (3 year pendant still
crystal clear) You can add mica flakes to them to create irridescent
sheens. The Magic Glos is thicker then the Judikins one. If I am
doing more than 2 layers I use the Judikins one since I can get a
thinner layer.

They are more expensive but the time and materials I save are worth
the cost. I have had many designed pieces not cure properly since
some resins, like ICE have a shelf life.

I do not use liquid colors with my resins, I prefer it clear or use
the mica flakes to give a hint of color.

For the jewelry I make and classes I teach the UV Resins work best
for me.


Following is the company I use for all my casting and resinneeds.
They do have technicians available to help you choose the bestresin
for your needs. I personally use a polyester resin that I buyfrom
them that is completely water clear and tool-able. I can notremember
the name, and I am not at my studio right now. And it sounds as if
you do not want the complications of a polyresin anyway. However, the
poly resins do have more stability both insetting up and in UV light.
You deffinatly want to ask about UVstability. Unless it does not
matter to you if your piece turns yellow in a year or less. If you
end up adding dyes you also want to make sure those are also UV
stable, or they will leach out of the piece leaving it water clear
again. Ask for the tech sheets on the resin. It will give you tips on
how to cast better with that particular resin. Some resins will set
up firmer with a heat treatment some will not. Some can be tooled
some can not. Every resin is different. Have all your needed specks
ready befor you call. How thick you are casting how many ounces,
whether you have a degassing chamber, Are you using or willing to use
a respirator when casting, what, if anything, you are embedding in
the resin. All of these things will affect their recommendations.
Good luck. (PS. They are in Portland but I believe they ship)

Stephenson Pattern Supply Co

hi. i have considered magic glos but i read that it yellowed over
time OR that it didnt dry rock hard. i dont think i can put myself
near a uv light, i think that is dangerous. although the 15 minute
cure time seems ideal. and as for the Soleil Gel, im just a scared
of uv light. i also dont like sunlight but im not scared of that! i
dont think that is what i myself am looking for, as it has to do with
uv. thanks for the reply.