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Best Earring Cards colors

What color is best for earring cards? A lot of Native American
(which I am) earring cards from Indian jewelry suppliers are black.
What color is recommended for the best marketing? Although I work
with a lot of turquoise I also use other colored stones & primarily
work with silver.

Although I’ve been using earring cards for 16 yrs I’ve changed style
and color. I’m about to reinvest in having some new ones made up &
would sure love to invest in the best color to help me market my
earrings. Any suggestions, research, ideas are greatly appreciated.
Also size suggestion. The last few years I’ve used a business card
size. When I’ve made giant beadwork earrings I’ve cut black
posterboard and written my name in a silver pen, etc.

Thank you.
Sharon Perdasofpy


Having designed a fair amount of packaging over my many years in the
jewelry industry, I find that it is critical to marry the look of
your card with the type of stores that feature your product. In my
opinion, something in the gray family might work best for you. There
are a few “stock” coverings that work well with Silver / Stones. A
nice gray will compliment silver/ stones. If you couple this with a
very light texture you will have a great looking card. If you decide
to go with a Gray background, a silver hot stamped logo looks great.
If you need help designing a new card I am more than willing to
help. Please feel free to email and I will be happy to send out some
stock paper samples for you to review. I also have a file from a
company that I work with, that will show a great deal of the die cut
tools that are available to produce your cards. If I can be of any
help please feel free to email me.

Paul DeFruscio

I have a suggestion as to the size of earring cards. Keep them
small. Retailers do not appreciate using up their valuable case or
rack space with your paper. They need space for jewelry!


Retailers do not appreciate using up their valuable case or rack
space with your paper. 

Years ago, I used to make earring cards (out of expensive black
paper with a moire’ pattern, and my signature in silver) until I
realized that virtually every gallery removed them as soon as they
came in.


Hi Paul,

Saw your posting a little late in the game but I was wondering if
perhaps you might be able to help me. I am looking everywhere for a
company that will make flocked business cards and although I’ve
found a few none of them are in the US. Do you know of anyone who is
doing something like this? I appreciate any info you can pass along.