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Best Display case Color

Hello everyone,

I have a vague memory that maybe I wrote about this once before, but
if your memories are as bad as mine it won’t hurt to mention it

Aside from the best color for display cases ( about which I have no
particular opinion) there is the question of best paint for display
cases. I also have no opinion about this because I, personally, have
no But my daughter, who is an objects conservator at a
large art museum, has been called in to troubleshoot in situations
where using the wrong paints in display cases rapidly tarnished and
ruined displays of valuable silver objects despite all other
precautions taken regarding temperature, humidity etc. Some paints
emit corrosive or otherwise reactive fumes.

I would hope that manufacturers designing cases for the jewelry
trade would know about this - but here were highly trained and
sophisticated museum curators winging it and paying a large price to
redress the situation.

If anyone wants to know more about this problem and what might be
done to avoid or cure such a problem, I imagine my daughter has
written an account and if you contact me off line I can put you in
touch with her.

Marty Hykin in Victoria, BC