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Best CA or resin for crushed stone inlay

Hi everyone
I’m looking for advice on the best material to use for two separate crushed opal inlay projects I’m wanting to try.
I have searched the archives on this topic, and can’t find anything more recent than perhaps 10 years ago on best brands for resin /epoxy / CA for inlay / crushed stone inlay.
Recommendations then tended to
A) 5 minute epoxy
B) HXTAL (museum grade glue)
C) hot stuff / special T CA glue (fills voids, polishes well)
My online research would add to this
D) ArtResin (new formula, strong resistance to UV yellowing)

I have 2 projects I am wanting to try crushed opal inlay with.
One is a channel of inlay in a river stone
The other is in the center of a domed shape ( a Kina shell casting), which I want the opal to be in a small dome, which suggests to me the need for a self doming resin…

Criteria would be non yellowing, durable, takes a polish, and in one case, doming
What you recommend? Any any tips would be gratefully accepted :grinning:


I’ve used CA Special T for years with regular inlay as well as chip inlay with no issues.



40+ years ago my brother and I did production chip inlay - 3,000pcs./week.
I wish that I could remember the specific details but it was an epoxy resin that had a 30 min. working life and was mixed by weight on a triple balance beam.

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It was made for fiberglass boat construction and repair.

Go to or just search on resin obsession. You will find a lot of information…Rob

Thanks rob, I’ve done that. I was just looking for feedback on what else is out there… I’ve ordered some crushed synthetic opal, and some ArtResin as a starting point. It appears to have the least yellowing over time.