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Best Books

I’m hoping you’ll all be willing to share your respective opinions
on jewelry books.

AJM Magazine is currently working on the 1998 Education Resource
Guide and in the guide will be included a section about available
jewelry instruction books and tools. We’d like to include in that
section some comments from those in the trade (or who are currently
learning the trade) on which books are the best ones.

AJM invites all Orchid members to share the title and author of
the book you’ve found most helpful to you, why you think this book
is best, and where the book can be purchased.

Please e-mail me off line so as not to clog this forum. Thanks!

Candace Marandola, Associate Editor, AJM Magazine

P.S. You can also respond through our Web site if you wish. Go to and click Talk to Us on the left
scroll bar.