Best adhesives

Hi Raphael- My favorite on the list is e6000. It holds glass to
metal very well. Also works for polymer clay and other plastics too.
Good luck with your project! Carol

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Raphael, you might consider using the adhesive used to seal aquarium
tanks. It is a clear, rubbery material that will fill the space
between your glass and metal.



I used E6000 for a long while believing it to be the best (use it
only fresh out of the tube to meticulously clean surfaces and do not
move once positioned), only to have some of my own fused glass
earrings, which were attached with fresh straight out of the tube
glue, come apart in the shower.

I now use Loctite E30CL - Hysol epoxy adhesive, available from
Mc.MasterCarr. Since it comes in a rigid tube you need the gun to
dispense the glue with too - not especially cheap but it’s a one time

Hope that is of some help

Raphael, I would use an epoxy adhesive, especially since the one of
the two surfaces is not perfectly flat. Epoxy will fill the gaps. It
is important that both surfaces are absolutely clean. I think that
you will find that you will get the strongest bond with epoxy. Joel

Raphael, Try 330 Epoxy it dries clear and it’s purpose in life is
to hole gem material to metal. It and many other items are available

If what you are gluing will be subject to sideways blows(as a
bracelet or ring), I have found a product called Goop a good
solution. It is an epoxy that dries flexibly and does shear off as
superglue or other epoxies do. Bill from L.I

Dear Raphael,

I don’t know if the perfect adhesive is available. I glue plastics
to metal with Z-Poxy from Micromark. I rough up each side before
gluing and always put adhesive on both parts. A slower drying
adhesive is the best. The Z-Poxy is available in two drying times. It
dries clear. If you have to work on the pieces after gluing keep the
part cool. Heat will separate the components. Super glues won’t work.
Not for a long period of time anyway.

Best Regards,
Todd Hawkinson

Most of the enamelists here in San Diego including Steve Artz and I,
use Plumber’s or Household Goop or Hard as Nails when we frame
enamels to wood, plastic, glass and other items. When dry you have to
saw it off to remove it. Louise @lgillin1

THere is Gorilla Glue (haha, yes, you probably could glue your
gorilla with it) and, Goop, Epoxy 440. But frankly, I think the two
part epoxy types are very strong and work well in a variety of
situations, I would, however, try to rough up any surface that is
being joined. Glass can be etched a bit, if it will not alter the
appearance of finished product.

Not earth shaking but may be of interest to others on
their projects, I have found that it pays to have many options for
no one product works for all the possible varieties in a workshop.

Best regards,