Best adhesives to use

Aloha Everyone, We have used Pasco glue to mend crystal, beryl, and
some onyx, without any problems. We had to secure the pieces placed
together with pressure on the ends until the glue dried. And when it
did dry, this long 5 inch beryl that look like a wand was mended in
3 places.

To ensure that the glue worked, I waived that pointer around over a

thick carpeted floor “just in case” and found that the glue held.
Futhermore, the owner was so impressed because no matter what she
tried it wouldn’t work. Epoxy does work but it is messier. If we
use it, we add more catalyst to the mix to it will harden faster.
The problem: Epoxy mends show, Pasco Glue doesn’t.

If I can find out where we purchased it, I will post another

e-mail. Much Aloha to All, Barbara HQCE