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Best 2012 software for jewelry business accounting

I have done an archive search on what the options are for
financial/accounting software for a jewelry business, but the
is very dated. Does anyone have any current
recommendations? I sell through direct sale and consignment to
various galleries, and in the past, it was hard to find a program
that accommodated the consignment sales.

I have an Excel spreadsheet to price my inventory, so that does not
need to be in the software. I would like, however, to be able to
track and display graphically comparisons of sales between items,
between galleries, and so on. I do this now through Excel, but it
would be helpful to transfer to a more comprehensive software

If there is a current thread, please point me that direction.

Marcia Rae Design

Nothing but the edge software!
It kill every in quality!

Chip Stone

I may have missed the original thread but The Edge software does not
have accounting, it exports to QuickBooks, this is where I help lots
of jewelers

David Geller

I use BeadManager Pro which keeps track of my inventory of parts,
supplies, and finished pieces, sales and consignments. You can
export data to Excel which can be imported into many accounting
programs. It also creates a simple Profit & Loss report (not much use
if you can’t add in your overhead so I prefer Quickbooks) and you can
set it to alert you when inventory for any particular supply, part or
piece is running low. Rather simplistic and perhaps not for a B&M
Jewelry store, but sufficient and easy to use for the Artisan.