Bereavement Notice

After a week in hospice, she passed away on Dec 15. 

As an aside, this saddens me – that she and her family didn’t have
the help and support of hospice for longer than a week. This is a
common occurrence because people don’t begin hospice/palliative care
soon enough. It doesn’t mean an admission that the person is dying –
people do sometimes go into remission and leave hospice.

If you are ever in the situation of caring for a family member who
is dying, please consider entering hospice care sooner rather than


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

actually i was just graduated from hospice, i wasn’t dying fast
enough…they actually said that. all i could say was YEA ME! one of
the social workers kept telling me i shouldn’t be doing craft shows
now,… well i’m my best judge of how i feel and yes i paid floor
fees and didn’t make it to a couple shows this past year. but i did
the ones i could, and with that one incident where they found me face
down on my table, with a tear shape jade imbeded in my forehead…i’m
told it was tasteful.

talked them out of 911, and had a babysitter with me from then on,
when i did shows family support was wonderful. i’m now considering
other ways to market, be it home parties or sales reps, the demand
for wire crochet jewerly has always been constant. i’ve been asked to
teach various classes as well, with kits or just instructions.

my cancer is not in remission, my pulse ox level drops to 65 when i
walk to kitchen back door to let dogs out and that is on 8liters of
oxygen. they know my condition…but we are at watch and see. i love
that for the moment i have outrun cancer, but i don’t know how much
running i have left!

pat moses-caudel

I am in awe of how tough you are to keep going through things that
would make me into a basket case. More power to you, and sneak an
end run around those nasty cells.


YOU GO GIRL!!! What a great example to everyone around you. You are
a Wild Poppy indeed :slight_smile: YEA YOU! for staying in touch with how you

All the best to you,

I love that for the moment i have outrun cancer, but i don't know
how much running i have left! 

Yeah yeah…well you always were,(and apparently are), a contrarian
Pat…lol…SO who was babysitting? I would vote for a 30 something
about 6’2" and just gorgeous.

Outrun it until you can only outwalk it, then keep on walking. Keep
on teaching and smiling and making the rest of us laugh. Above all,
leave a will, (knowing you, I am sure this is an uneccesary
admonition). My friend James Barker did not, and what a mess that

So is the jade still there? Sounds pretty innovative to me. Carolyn
See wrote a book where gems were imbedded in the protagonist’s skin.
In any case, we are all rooting for you.


Lisa, (having outrun it myself 3 times now and counting…and that
started 30 years ago…lol…lol…lol), Topanga, CA USA


I applaud your piss and vinegar, so to speak. Yea you! I smiled at
the image of a piece of green jade sticking out of your forehead.
Tear (as in rip) on! Live live to the fullest. Live Hard Live Full
Live Fast. You may go before the rest of us; but we’re all following
along right behind.


You may go before the rest of us; but we're all following along
right behind. 

Hello Judy, that is very well said. I loved it! Is it yours or did
you get it from some where else?