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Bending silver tubing



Does this mean I could bend SMALL tubing by winding a layer of
small gauge wire (say stainless or brass) onto the outside of
the tube for a distance somewhat greater than the section to be
bent? I’ve bent copper tubing using spring benders before, but
it’s hard to find tiny diameter springs. It would be pretty
easy to chuck a piece of tubing in the lathe and wind a single
layer of wire onto it…sounds like something I will have to


Bob Edwards
Chromis Designs
Annapolis, Maryland


HI Robert

I had some little springs made at one of Sheffields Steel spring
manufactures. Like a plumbers pipe bending spring.
Alternatively, try filling the Chenier (tube) with sand and cap
the end with a cork or some such material. Then bend away!.

Brian Saynor BA (Hons)
Ritual Design
Sheffield, UK