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Bending and shaping thumb rings?

I have a request for some thumb rings that are bent to better fit the
shape of thumb. Does anyone have a simple method for getting an even
shape on the bend? Best regards,

Arlen Evins
Sho Me Silver

Hi Arlen,

I do a lot of craft fairs and I sell a lot of very basic rings. Sell
fifty $ 5.00 and $10.00 rings and a show can be profitable or very
profitable. But when it comes to thumb rings I am of another mind
entirely. I can’t stop a customer from putting a ring on the thumb
but if they do they get my thumb ring lecture. In my 40 hour job I
work with a number of Occupational Therapists and Physical
Therapists. I see a number of hand injuries in the course of a year
and more than a few are the result of rings getting caught on
something. And of those finger injuries the bulk are from thumb
rings getting caught.

The lecture is simple. The four fingers are tapered away from the
palm of the hand. Much like the mandrel we build rings upon. Your
thumb is not. It tapers in reverse. Rings that fit snug but not
tight are less likely to cause an injury or catch on the edge of a
table or a car door. But to get a ring past the widest part of your
thumb generally means it will be looser around the base of the
thumb. You will be surprised where the thumb can get hurt. NYS
Workers Comp views the four fingers in total as doing 50% of the
hand. It views the thumb as doing 50% by it self. (This is from
personal injury knowledge) Why we would endanger the thumb in any
way is a wonderment to me. Especially for the sake of adornment. I
do not promote the use of any of my rings as thumb rings but I can’t
stop a customer from buying a ring for that purpose.

This digs us into a deeper discussion we have had in the past about
jewelry and safety to the wearer. I have no wish to restart that
conversation today because those threads are in an archive here. But
jewelry design safety is a subject that can’t be ignored and should
be discussed often.

I have similar views about bangle bracelets.

That being said I hope you find good answers to your question. If
they are to be found they will be found here.

Good Luck
Don Meixner

Wow, Don! I had never thought about the safety of thumb rings
before, nor that the thumb tapers in reverse to fingers, but you’re
right - it does! I wore a thumb ring for years before I lost it and
have never gotten around to making another one. But I probably won’t
do it now after reading your “thumb ring lecture”. And I shall be
sure to pass on your wisdom to others too.

Thanks so much for the insight.



I am only suggesting that wearing a thumb ring comes with care and
responsibility. I can’t stop someone from wearing a thumb ring but I
feel it is my responsibility to tell a customer to be careful of
what they wear.