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[BenchTube] Wire Handled Ingot Pouring Device

Now showing at the BenchTube (beta)
(Ganoksin answer to YouTube for jewelers.):

A "Wire Handled Ingot Pouring Device "WHIP"
6m 6s

This video illustrates a simplified method for safely and accurately
pouring molten metal into an ingot mold. The tool was invented by
master jeweler Jay Whaley

Watch Video:

If you have viewed Jay Whaley’s WHIP Video clip. Please be advised
that The WHIP is now available from Jay’s Website,

Jay has had several requests asking just where to buy it, so your
wish, is our command.

A personal comment from me.

For almost 5 years now, I have been a student of Jay Whaley’s, at
the UCSD Crafts Center jewelry class. During that time, I have used
several devices, invented by Jay, which simplified many of the tasks
at hand. This semester, I have been Jay’s volunteer TA.

Jay has recently begun to make some of these items commercially
available. Of my own volition, I have decided to share some of my
experiences with these devices, sort of an unpaid personal

More recently, I have been assisting Jay at his own Studio, on a part
time basis with clerical and computer tasks only. My testimonials,
are unsolicited, and not compensated.

Using the two sided Ingot Mold, Jay has always told us not to try
using the smallest hole, as it was too difficult to pour into. Well,
a new crucible, with a virgin pouring lip was in The Whip, so I
decided, why not? I melted my silver, and then placed the lip right
above the smallest hole, and let her rip. I got such a straight,
smooth, shiny ingot, I had to pour another one, to make certain it
was not a fluke. Nope, I have since poured several more. Even Jay was
impressed. Sure does cut down on the rolling and drawing, as well as
bezel forming.

The exquisite control the WHIP gives to pouring, makes it a simple
task. I love it, and give it a great big Thumbs Up.

Jay Whaley’s Studio Assistant