[BenchTube] Tightening gemstones

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Tightening gemstones
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Tightening gemstones is something you will do all of the time as a
jeweler. This is a quick short video that show just the basics of
tightening gemstones in rings. I will add additional and
handouts soon

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as an amateur metalsmith, i havent a clue what he is doing, need

as an amateur metalsmith, I havent a clue what he is doing, need

Thanks for the feedback DP. I think I will redo this video in the
next couple of weeks. You are not the first to say that it was hard
to see. I just purchased a filter that will let me get much closer
to what I am doingat the bench. But even with that, it will be hard
to see what I am doing so I will probably add a handout also. You
can probably tell that I am new to making videos! Thanks again for
the feedback and if you have any thoughts about what you would like
to see later, let me know.


Gerald A. Livings