[BenchTube] Learning from a little fairy

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Learning from a little fairy

An 8 y.o. kid learning jewelry , being for the very first time in a
goldsmith workplace. Amazing skills and comprehension of the
processes, little Oli is playing, learning the specific tasks
without scientific formulas, but simple common sense explanation.
There will be few more episodes with her making her first silver
ring , then we’ll go further , to more serious work , like filigree
and enameling. The sky is not the limit… Please comment this
video, no matter if you’ll like it or not

Runtime: 7m 31s

Part 1:
Runtime: 11m 49s

Part 2:
Runtime: 7m 44s

Part 3:
Runtime: 12m 59s

Part 4:
Runtime: 12m 53s

Part 5:
Runtime: 13m 30s