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[BenchTube] Gypsy Setting w/diagrams


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Gypsy Setting w/diagrams
Runtime: 6m 55s

In this video I explain Gypsy Setting & the many techniques using
the Hammer & Carbide burs. I also show the route in determining the
method in finding the depth prior to setting of the stone. I use
extensively my numerous hand-drawn diagrams.

Watch Video:


I’ve just tried something new. That is making a video but using also
some of my setting-diagrams. This method helps the viewer to identify
the pitfalls by not seeing all of the necessary little nuances of
setting a ‘Gypsy-style’ stone.

I, also during this first video, show what this ring looks like
before the setting is initiated. I explain all of the processes of
using a ‘156C Carbide Bur’, in determining the depth of the stone
with this bur. No need to measure the depth with any digital-caliper,
I saved you all the bother!!! As this is my 21st video, I have many
more to films for everyone. I have heard that some of my videos have
a little ‘sound to action’ time delay. My job is to instruct, not
make an absolutely perfect video, I leave that to
If anyone needs my 20 ‘setting-diagrams’,
just write to me & in one day you will have them all! Just make sure
all of your email-folders are not ‘over quota’. Some folks had that
problem, no requests weren’t answered, pity!!!..Gerry Lewy


Hi Gerry,

I would love a set of your gem setting videos or the link to them on
Ganoksin. Originally I trained as a sculptor, then worked as a glass
designer for Steuben Glass and when they closed I picked up where I
left off with jewelry mostly based on carving waxes. So, your
willingness to share you knowledge is helping me fill in the many
blanks in my experience.

Thanks so much, Taf Schaefer