[BenchTube] Engraving a coin

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Shepard Fairey Morgan Dollar ‘Make Art Not War’
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Totally unbelievable artwork & skill using one simple graver.
Fantastic cutting, ‘WE’ want more of this kind of artwork.

One teacher in a community college said to her students…“you don’t
have to learn how to use a graver. all you have to do is to set

…duh!..Gerry Lewy


My guess is Gerry, that the teacher who said that her or his
students didn’t have to learn to use a graver couldn’t use one either
but could set a bezel. So much to learn and so little time to learn
it - setting a person off in a direction of a new experience of
learning is so exciting.

So disheartening to see teachers who slam the door shut.

Barbara & Orchid

My other reason is that ‘she’ didn’t know how to use a simple
graver. I use a graver all the time when finishing off a 8x6 mm
oval-faceted stone! You should hear the “Oh & Wow’s” that come from
the mouths of my students.

I just whet their appetite to learn more about graver usage. They
even forge ahead & use my Bright-Cutting Onglette graver. To say you
don’t need this topic, is akin to avoiding how to polish a ring.