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[BenchTube] Easy Bracelet - III

Now showing at the BenchTube (beta)

Easy Bracelet - III
Runtime: 4m 52s

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What I find amazing in the videos from Skillman and the recent
postings by LUIS F MORENO is what is accomplished with the lack of
words… and I love words. No hype, no pretense just flat out
performance. It so sweet to SEE something done and think…" I can
do that…" maybe not as fast, maybe not as “perfect”, but I know in
my heart that “I can do that.” Or, "So that’s how it is done. ( I
thought at one point that I had “created” the jump ring… only to
discover that it is thousands of years old…) It is a strange path
that our hearts lead us down, and I never seem to be able to see

I come home every Monday through Friday from a job that I do not at
all “relish” to find a joy waiting for me in reading and watching
the postings on this site. Sharing evidences itself in many forms, it
does not always have to be in a material sense. What is shared here
is a universal language that needs to be spoken more freely. Thank
you all so much for these opportunities, thank you for "encouraging"
my growth, and thank you for sharing… commodities that are

PS: I was able to purchase one ticket for the drawing… maybe I’ll
get “lucky” in something!!! peace.