[BenchTube] Correcting cleaning defects

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Correcting cleaning defects
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If you overlook any errors in your cleaning process, redo as best as
you can. Once you go to the polishing stages, all of your rings
buffs will only enhance those errors…so double-check your

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Just uploaded another video this morning.

This one is on ‘correcting cleaning errors’. Just remember one thing,
when you attempt to do your ring cleaning or any other jewellery
items, you should pay attention (I know you do) to any telltale

When you go to the ‘polishing stages’, any errors will be enhanced,
greatly! You just gotta stop & redo the item again. Please don’t
overlook any little error, they don’t go away by themselves, you have
to do it yourself. agree?

I use my favourite #180 grit Pumice-Wheel, with a Flat or
Tapered-Edges…“Time saved, is time well spent”.

Gerry Lewy